Farmers Feed Families 08May13


We are Anne Brady and Jessica Zaffino. We’ve set up and are running Farmers Feed Families. Anne is from an organic dairy farm in Cavan, Jessica is from Canada and studied animal welfare with a focus on dairy farms. We are on a mission to promote farmers in Ireland.

We eat everyday, three times a day – thank a farmer!

Farmers Feed Families

Farmers Feed Families aims to highlight the importance of farmers in Ireland in getting food to our tables. We hope that by shining a light on the work that farmers do it will encourage consumers to look for their local producers and shop locally.

Farmers Feed Families have a number of fun, interactive events to find out about life on an Irish farm.

Tweeting Farmers

Our first initiative is called Tweeting Farmers and focuses on a farmer’s daily routine. Tweeting Farmers will highlight the work and dedication of farming families across Ireland. Farmers from different agricultural sectors e.g. dairy, beef, tillage, pig, sheep will be asked to tweet throughout their day to provide an opportunity for rural and urban consumers to experience a farmer’s daily routine through Twitter and learn about the many challenges and positive experiences that are involved in farming.

If you have any questions, suggestions or would like to get involved in one of our projects you can send an email to farmersfeedfamiliesireland@gmail.com, go to our website www.farmersfeedfamilies.ie,  find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

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